Wednesday, 22 June 2011

e and e funding

i've now started working a lot more closely with tom on the project and taking on the role of co CEO. i feel as the co CEO i should take more of an acting role in the group with him and work on all matter with him

we started looking at the funding process of the idea and as tom had had the idea in his head for a while now and knew quite a bit about it he had a lot of information for me and i was able to work with him on that.

there is a company we have been in contact with called that have said to create the whole product, everything from the application design, code writing, servers, memory on databases to save all the projects that people upload etc would cost £25,000. a benefit i pointed out at this point was that this one company are doing everything in creating the idea for us, we dont have run around t different companies getting one part designed and made here and then another elsewhere. it saves money running around.

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