Wednesday, 22 June 2011

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we have had the session on trends and i feel that our product is a trend that could very well evolve into a fad because there are other products that offer similar services to us and there are many online sound effects libraries or film stock libraries where you can get royalty free media from but none of them ever seem that good

i think that what we have here is something new that features the best parts of existing services that connect people not just socially but in a form of creative work as well.

the way in which i feel that this could grow into a fad from a trend is we intend to start it up in an institution much like ravensbourne (probably ravensbourne) and get students to use it and collaborate with other students on it and once there is sufficient activity on it and numbers are looking good we can then take this to investors and say look it works, it proves to be a use full tool in this kind of industry how do you feel about investing in the project to send it out in to the industry world?

hopefully students take it from here and use it in projects that they get in the working world and it grows and spreads from there

thats the idea any way

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